Enrollment for the February 2025 School of Evangelism is South Africa is now open

At the Christ for all Nations School of Evangelism, we will train, equip, and deploy evangelists all over South Africa and surrounding regions. We are looking for a limited number of students to accept into this revolutionary training South Africa.

The CfaN SOE is not for the faint of heart. It is for those ready to lay down their lives for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are accepted as one of the SOE students, you will be trained personally by Evangelist Levi Lutz and CfaN frontline evangelists who are not only adept in teaching and evangelism but are also on fire for God.

This is going to be a very intense and focused training because the time is short, and we need laborers in the harvest. It’s a full-time commitment that will require you to relocate for the duration of the training.

Students must complete and pass the two-week local on-field initiation trip successfully to graduate. In these two weeks, hundreds of thousands of souls will come to Jesus through kids’ crusades, Gospel Truck outreaches, market outreaches, one-to-one outreach, and many other forms of evangelism.

The SOE Experience

At the CfaN School of Evangelism, you will learn from one of the greatest soul-winning ministries of our generation. The CfaN School of Evangelism will ignite you to become an effective soul-winner and anointed minister of God.

The classroom training will take place from Monday to Friday, with outreaches happening on Fridays and Saturdays. These classes are second to none, a strategic mix of spiritual, theological, ministerial, and practical training.

Some classes will include in-class workshops, preaching exhibitions and mock crusade ministry scenarios where students receive hands-on instruction, real-time feedback, and evaluation from peers and veteran instructors.


Since 1987, Christ for all Nations has counted over 89 million registered decisions for Christ in Africa and around the world. This is surely one of the greatest seasons, if not the single greatest season, of harvest in the history of the world.

What I believe the Lord showed me is that, as amazing as our past results have been, this next season will be even greater. In fact, we will literally double the harvest in the next decade. In other words, we will see as many people saved in the next 10 years as we saw in the first 30 years combined – bringing that number of new converts to well over 150 million – a Decade of Double Harvest!

Throughout the history of CfaN, we have trained men and women through several programs. The results have been amazing! Many of these students are now working with Christ for all Nations in our teams as evangelists and leaders. But there is much more work to be done. And many, many more people need to be equipped, trained, and mobilized for the work of the ministry.

This is the time for a CfaN School of Evangelism in South Africa.

Tuition and Local On-Field
Initiation Trip

The tuition and on-field initiation trip cost per student is R45,000. Please note that for payments initiated outside South Africa, there will be an additional R2,500 exchange fee in addition to the R45,000. For international payments, please contact us at soe@cfan.org.za for banking details.

Bloemfontein 2025

147 Days (21 Weeks) before SOE – At least R5000 paid on tuition

119 Days (17 Weeks) before SOE – At least R15000 paid on tuition

91 Days (13 Weeks) before SOE – At least R25000 paid on tuition

63 Days (9 Weeks) before SOE – At least R35000 paid on tuition

28 days (4 weeks) – Tuition and on-field initiation trip cost must be paid in FULL (R45,000)